For how long does it take to fit a kitchen

For how long does it take to fit a kitchen?

Renovating your kitchen is a huge task; not only does it include the mess as well as stress of the job, it also places one of the most important areas in your house inactive!

What can make it much better, however, is having firm timeframes in position so you can constantly keep one eye on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Below are the phases of a kitchen remodelling and the length of time you need to expect your kitchen suitable to take.


The drawing board is mainly approximately you, and the time included will certainly differ depending on the shapes and size of your kitchen area, the degree of the adjustments you intend to make, as well as just how definitive you are.

If you have an easy cooking area design and also are just replacing your existing devices, then it should not take you too long; it’s just an instance of searching devices, visiting some showrooms and selecting the best one for you.

If you’re looking to alter the design of your kitchen or include new attributes, it might take longer to spec out what you need.

It’s also a good idea to research fitters at this time, so you do not discover yourself hurrying to locate a premium quality professional additionally down the line.

If you’re uncertain, you might intend to speak with a specialist to aid you make your new kitchen area as well as suggest suitable choices.


As soon as you’ve selected and bought your brand-new kitchen, you’ll need to permit time for it to be delivered. The majority of common kitchen areas can be delivered in 2-4 weeks, nevertheless if you’ve asked for a more bespoke remedy, this might take much longer.

In either case, your kitchen area vendor will certainly be able to confirm the shipment time-frame when you order so you can reserve your kitchen area fitters.


The initial task is to remove your old kitchen area; if you’re just tearing out the old installations as well as flooring then this need to only take your specialist a couple of hours, and also will certainly be embarked on as part of the fitting work.

If you have added work that needs doing before beginning to fit your kitchen area, such as knocking down walls, this will include time onto the task.

First Fix

The very first fix requires bringing in an electrical contractor as well as a plumbing professional to examine existing systems/wiring as well as install any required new installations based upon where your sink as well as appliances are going to be placed. If you haven’t made any kind of huge modifications after that this process ought to just take 2-3 days.


Now all the groundwork is complete, your kitchen needs to materialize fairly promptly! The closets and worktops will be fitted initially, adhered to by the sink as well as hob. Most of the cooking area needs to be finished in 3-5 days, relying on its size; it will certainly take less time to fit a little kitchen.

If you’ve chosen solid worktops such as granite or Corian, these will certainly need to be templated to ensure they fit completely. Templating and also fitting your countertops will take about 10 days.

Templating has to take place on site besides units have been mounted to attain total precision, so this will certainly extend the moment required to fit your kitchen area. You can ask your installer to supply some makeshift counter tops while yours are being prepared.

Finishing touches

As soon as all your cooking area units and also countertops have been mounted, all that is left is to fit your floor covering, and care for all the little information like plinthing, skirting boards, splashbacks and any type of additional redecorating.

Depending on the range of your additional adjustments, these final components need to just take a pair of days. If you’re likewise remodeling your cooking area, paint can be done yourself in a day or 2; if you’re installing ceramic tiles, this will certainly need to be estimated independently by a tiler.

What could increase the timeframe?

Particular adjustments will inevitably raise the size of time required to fit your cooking area, so you must bear these in mind from the start if time is a concern.

Moving Appliances

If all your electrical outlets are remaining in the very same location, you won’t need much job done past a straightforward check and rewire of the existing electrical outlets. If you require to move devices around an electrician will have to change your whole electrical system, which will take more time as well as cash.

Solid worktops

As stated, if you pick strong worktops these will certainly need to be templated for cutting on site, which will certainly indicate you’re waiting much longer after your units are suitable for your worktops to be all set.

Heavy worktops

If you select a heavy product like granite, you’ll likewise need to guarantee the systems can bear their weight over time. You’ll likely require a professional installer to analyze what is called for and mount the additional assistance.

Unusual fittings

Straight worktops are uncomplicated to set up, but you may experience extra issues if the worktop needs to run around the sink and also hob, or has an uncommon feature like curves or corners. This might be inescapable, but you will certainly require to factor it right into the fitting time.