Keeping Trickle Vents Open Can Reduce Condensation on Your Windows

Proper ventilation is very crucial for our health, and existing building regulations specify brand-new buildings need to supply adequate ventilation for occupants. This suggests drip vents must be included in any windows that are being installed into a brand-new extension or new-build home, or when replacing windows that formerly had trickle vents integrated in. Drip vents are really little openings set up in window frames that allow air to stream into a residential or commercial property, thus helping to decrease condensation.

Why trickle vents are very important

In the last few years, our buildings have actually ended up being more and more energy effective and airtight. Draughty doors and windows have been replaced with thermally efficient double or triple glazed systems that are completely sealed versus the elements. While this is terrific for decreasing energy consumption, it isn’t so excellent for air quality inside the structure.

Not just bad air quality have an unfavorable effect on the health of residents, it can also cause a build-up of condensation and damp. Drip vents are therefore valuable since they supply background ventilation, i.e. a consistent level of ventilation without having to leave windows or doors open

The importance of keeping the vents open.

Drip vents come with a control function that lets you open and close the vent to increase or decrease the air circulation into your residential or commercial property. Naturally, all of us desire our homes and work environments to be cosy and draught totally free, so the temptation is typically to leave the vents closed. This is an error.

A healthy indoor environment depends on a certain quantity of air entering into the building. Absence of ventilation can make a residential or commercial property feel too stuffy, but it can likewise result in major problems with condensation, especially in a bathroom or kitchen. Extended issues with condensation can lead to damp, mould and mildew, which can further exacerbate health problems. By leaving the vents open – the majority of the time, if not all of the time – you can easily minimise the risk of condensation forming.

Why not just open a window?

One criticism occasionally fixed the mandatory use of drip vents in new buildings is that air flow can just as quickly be controlled by opening windows. However, an open window is an obvious point of entry for opportunists, leaving your property susceptible to a possible burglary. Trickle vents, on the other hand, provide a consistent level of ventilation without jeopardising on security.

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